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Women habits that drive men crazy

It goes back from Adam and Eve the story that women have been created from the man`s rib but even so, after millions of years, this story is hardly credbile. There are few things nowadays that tie a woman to a man, and when it comes to relationship the differences between the two are even more obvious. Because of this, man find it difficult sometimes to understand and cope with their partner`s habits. Here are some of those annoying habits that give men a pain in the neck.


  1. Public discussions of their personal relationship


Analysing their love affair has always been a woman`s duty and passion but this is definitely not one that men will ever enjoy. Men hate it when their intimacy is being debated by other persons especially when they are part of the discussion. One piece of advice for those damsels in distress, relationships are made to work when there is a maximum of two people involved in it, bringing along a tierce can only cause frustrations on the behalf of your partner, doubts and more reasons to fight. There is nothing that sincerity cannot fix.


  1. Careless dealing with money


It looks like men enjoy to pamper women, to buy them expensive gifts, but that doesn’t mean that they are indifferent to the way we manage our finances. A serious relationship is always based on team work, and money of course is one aspect that the two partners should discuss together. Let’s be serious if you’d rather spend your maintenance money on a pair of Jimmy Choos then your partner is more than entitled to second-think your attributes as his future wife.


  1. Keeping in close touch with the ex



Keeping in touch with your ex could be a good thing, but when this becomes a weekly habbit you should expect to meet with your partner’s disapproval. What you may consider to be an innocent amity with your ex lover may have serious consequences in your relationship, like jealousy or distrust that lead to fights and frustrations. Admit it, you wouldn’t like for him to have rendez-vous with one of his ex-girlfriends, isn’t it? Do as you would be done by!


  1. Moodiness-with our without reasons


Even though we believe that men have the ability of figuring out the various reasons why we get mad, we would be surprised to hear that they are not the happy possessors of paranormal capacities. Whatever the reason of their anger women need to understand that the only solution is to say exactly what is bothering them. Sincerity and communication are the key to solve such issues. Tears, silence and short answers are of no help and it will only build up a wall between the two partners that more often than not leads to separations and even more tears.


  1. Over control


No one loves that they should account for each and every friend on Facebook, for every get together with their friends and most of all no one loves to have their phone checked on a daily basis. Personal intimacy is very important for each one of us, and nobody should let go of this beacause of a partner’s whim or access of jealousy. Even though you are very much in love and you feel the need to share everything with your boyfriend, maybe it’s for your relationship’s sake that each of you should have some activities outside the couple. Suffocating your partner with love is the best way to chase him away. Give him the space he needs and you’ll see how your relationship improves day by day.

Women habits that drive men crazy

It goes back from Adam and Eve the story that women have been created from the man`s rib but even so, after millions of years, this story is hardly credbile.

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