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Five compromises you should never make in a relationship

The first step that is necessary in order for a relationship to work is mutual love and respect. These two are the basics of every relationship but as the time goes by you should also add trust, sincerity, faith and most important of all compromising. Although making compromises is always the key to happiness in a couple, we should never forget that compromising yourself for the love of security and tranquility is never a good idea.

Let’s find out what are the 5 compromises you shouldn’t make in a relationship!


  1. Independence


Catering for your partner’s desires while giving up your own needs are actions that have nothing to do with love but talk more about the fear of being abandoned. Unfortunately, this type of relationship where only one of the two partners invests feelings is not a healthy one. Both partners should equally make compromises. In case this doesn’t happen there is no need for you to let go of your independence in order to indulge the other one who should be doing the same.


  1. Your friends and family


If at the beginning of your relationship it is normal to spend more time with the one you love than with your friends and family, once the butterflies in your stomach flew away it is advisable to embrace a new behavior. We don’t suggest you to make a schedule, but a phone call every other day or a weekly visit to your friends should not create any inconvenience for you partner. However, if your partner is not that happy about spending time with someone else rather than himself and he becomes possessive you should think twice before going forward with the relationship. Is it really worth giving up on your loved ones for a person that wants to gain control over yourself and who doesn’t trust you when you are not around?


  1. Self-esteem


It is necessary in a couple that both partners make each other feel great, the fact that he tells you that you are a smart, sexy and gorgeous woman helps you grow your self-esteem and that makes him even happier. Both partners have something to win from this. But there are, of course, cases in which the male makes you doubt your beauty and intelligence, puts you in unpleasant situations and cares less about your feelings. Our advice? In such cases making a compromise is the worst of choices, because you should never give up the love for yourself. A man that makes his woman feel unworthy of his love time and again, he either has a poor education or he doesn’t love you. Both situations are equally unacceptable and you should definitely think about ending the relationship.


  1. Your own aspirations in life


You see yourself traveling the world? You dream of writing a novel? You can’t stop thinking about running your own enterprise? What is your partner’s reaction to all of these? If he encourages your plans, shares your thoughts, makes sure that your dreams come true, then you are a fortunate woman. But what should you do in case he is not supportive of your plans or he laughs at them? Irrespective of his attitude towards your dreams, you should always remember one thing: calling off your own aspirations in life is something that you should never do in a relationship of any type.


  1. Faithfulness


Even if, at first sight, cheating means nothing more than sex with another person, in reality things are far more complicated than this. This type of behavior usually comes with so many lies that the cheated loses his trust irrevocably. Of course, we are all prone to make mistakes, consequently everybody deserves a second chance. You should be careful, though, because women have the tendency to forgive their partner’s infidelities more than one time, and this should never be an item on the list of compromises you are willing to make.


What do you feel about making compromises? What kind of compromises are you willing to make?


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