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Eight prejudices about online dating

The majority of single women have prejudices when it comes to online dating, prejudices that are sometimes impossible to shake. But once you have come to terms about what dating on the internet really means, the chances of finding yourself a partner will increase immediately. Here are some of the most common preconceptions concerning online dating:


  1. Most of those who try this type of dating for the first time think that they know all the steps, while in fact finding your love online is not as easy as uploading a photo or using a chat. Once you took the chance to try it, you should give yourself the time to learn how to flirt in order to be successful.


  1. The variety of choices is large so you can afford to be pretentious. That is true, there are millions of lonely people worldwide, none the less you shouldn’t dismiss somebody for silly reasons. In order to find somebody you need to be patient, the more people you make contact with the faster will increase your chances of finding someone perfect for you. Online dating is the same as gambling.
  2. Your profile should say everything it is to know about you. This common preconception determines women to write long and boring description of themselves that men are never willing to go through. You profile description should not contain a summary of your life but rather should only bear information that will allure men. Details about your life should only be discussed while getting to know each other.


  1. You should get rid of men that don’t suit you, mentioning of course the type of man you are looking for. Unfortunately, when you chose to mention from the beginning the type of man you would like to meet, you strike as the kind of lady that is hard to please and you run the risk of scaring men that


  1. Bad grammar reflects the intelligence of a man. Women often reject men exactly because of this reason. This is a false prejudice, bad grammar does not always indicate the level of intelligence of one person. Men are usually better at sciences and don’t have the same cleverness for linguistics. Even more, having a good grammar does not mean that he is also faithful, charming, loving or a good lover. You should overlook some spelling mistakes, after all you are looking for a partner and not a professor.


  1. Who cares if your profile picture isn’t recent? The answer: men that would like to know you. An old picture of yourself is totally fine if over the years your looks didn’t change, but if you changed you hair, you died it or you put on some weight since the picture was taken it is like lying about who you are. Trust me you would hate to get a man disappointed when you finally get together. So, be wise and upload only recent photos that describe the present you and not a person you used to be. Every age has its beauty!


  1. If he writes to you that means he really likes you. I am sorry to disappoint you but that is not always true. There are men that are not that interested in having a real relationship and who are there just for fun. Be careful not to get your hopes up with such men because you will only end up being hurt.


  1. Everybody lies about their age. Well, this is not entirely true. Of course, there are some men and women who avoid to tell their real age because of the fear of getting rejected. It is in fact really easy to find out of if they tell the truth about their age: use webcams or real life dating for those more suspicious.
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