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Did you know? 17 intriguing details about sexuality

There are so many things that people don’t know about sexuality in general that sometimes it makes us wonder if we really know something at all. You should definitely take some notes while reading this short list of curiosities about sexuality.


  1. Women are capable of reaching orgasms only by caressing their partners intensely. Not only embracing helps you loses from 2 to 4 calories but some women succeed in having orgasms through this practice.


  1. Wearing two condoms at the same times is in fact more dangerous than using only one. Frictions between the two condoms may cause the rupture of both condoms.


  1. Sex is very good for the ones that have trouble sleeping. Sex is known to have better effects than sleeping pills, so this a great news for those who suffer of insomnia.


  1. Sex is ten times better when made with someone you love. Emotional attachment to the person you are having sex with augments the feeling of pleasure.


  1. Love is good for your health. Scientists have proven that being in love for more than one year can contribute on your muscles growth, ameliorates your memory and the entire nervous system.


  1. Orgasms make you hungry. Two minutes before having an orgasm your reward centers in your brain responsible for your appetite and thirst become active.


  1. Female orgasm lasts three times longer than a male’s orgasm. Well this is one thing you all know but we thought it was worth mentioning again. Male orgasm lasts on average 6 seconds while the female’s orgasm lasts 23 seconds. Lucky women!


  1. Dildos were not sexual toys to begin with. In the 19th century the dildo was actually used with medical purposes for treating women who suffered from “hysteria”.


  1. You should never try this at home! It may sound silly but each year 10. 000 Americans injure themselves after trying some of the weirdest sexual positions.


  1. Chubby men are better in the sack. People who say that men with some extra weight don’t perform that well in the bedroom are wrong. Scientists have monitored for a year the sexual activity of both fat and slim men and arrived to the conclusion that chubby men last longer.


  1. Orgasms make good pair with socks. I know this may sound strange but it seems that there is a tight connection between socks and orgasm. A British researcher discovered that 80% of those who wear socks during sex had an orgasm in comparison to only 50% of those who didn’t wear.


  1. What men do best is think about sex. It’s true and it has been proven the fact that men have sex in their minds every 7 seconds.


  1. Sex creates addiction. Believe it or not, sex has indeed the same powerful effects over our brain like any other drug, especially heroine.


  1. Pants and cigarettes make you impotent. Even though the latest of trends have allowed men to enjoy skinny jeans, it seems that wearing this type of pants for a long time and also smoking are the main reasons why their penises stop working at times.


  1. Chocolate is better than sex? Well, I wouldn’t agree with that but biochemically speaking sex looks very much like consuming great quantities of chocolate. Why not mix them?


  1. Reading increases your sexual appetite. Women that read love stories have sex two times more often than those who do not fancy this type of literature.


  1. Men have their first erections while inside their mother’s belly. Men experience their first erections as a fetus in the last trimester of their mother’s pregnancy.


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