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Types of men you should avoid when dating online

However fun it may be, it is not always easy to date online. Of course once you have started this journey sometimes you may get overwhelmed by the diversity of men you get to meet on a daily basis. Some of them are awkward, some perhaps too normal, some have all these weird sexual fantasies that may shock you. Altogether if you don’t pay enough attention to the persons you allow to step into your privacy, you may end up hurt or disappointed. In order to avoid all this, here is a list of six men you should definitely try to avoid when looking for something serious online.

  1. The close-lipped lover

This type of men will let you handle the entire conversation as you wish and his answers to your questions will always me monosyllabic “yes” or “no”. He will give you a hard time choosing a topic since he doesn’t have an opinion regardless of what you say. So, girls, please stay away from men that can only spell words without any substance.

  1. The man that shares too much


His profile looks promising, even intriguing, he seems very nice and why not intelligent. His photos speak for themselves and you both have guilty pleasures that you enjoy doing. You ask him for more pictures so he sends you an e-mail. You can’t wait to open the folder when right in front of you eyes the image a fully naked man reveals itself. Well this definitely sends out the wrong message so this type should be, no questions asked avoided too.


  1. The one still hooked on his ex


Well, staying away from men that didn’t get over their exes it should be rule number one in dating. Usually this type of men are not very good at hiding their feelings so they will use more than one time phrases such “my ex always said that” or “me and my ex-girlfriend”. Watch-out for these men for they will most likely stand you up or even worse you will end up friend-zoned.


  1. The overly-attached almost boyfriend


You just started to get to know each other and he already talks about marriage, children, involves you in his future plans without your consent.

For sure there are women that look for something more serious than flirting, marriage is an option too. Just one piece of advice before rushing into a relationship with a guy that looks like marriage material, just consider that he may be going around other women as well, just to be sure.


  1. The not-so-serious one


He’s a very attractive man, he knows how to make you feel like a woman, but he has a serious flaw. He’s a man of strategy. You know you have to deal with this type of men when your conversations don’t go in the right direction, or you just feel like he’s there only to kill time or out of curiosity. Therefore if you don’t want to lose precious time on someone that doesn’t mean anything too serious, you should put an end to your online dates with him right away.


  1. The mysterious lover


Even though all women are drawn to mysterious men, in this case you need to be sure that all this mystery isn’t in fact some dirty secret he’s trying to hide. If he doesn’t give you many details about his life or his answers are sometimes elusive, maybe you should take everything he says with a pinch of salt. Who knows, he may not mean well or maybe you are trying to start a relationship with an already involved man.

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