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How to spice up your sex life in six steps

Some may consider sex the most important aspect of a relationship, and it is indeed one of the many. But what happens when you have reached a climax and nothing seems fun anymore. Enjoy having sex with your partner by taking some easy steps that will definitely spice up your love life. If you ever have doubts…you can always try something more. There is room for everything.


  1. Don’t be a pretender


It looks like a huge number of 60% of women faked orgasm at least one time in their life. This may be the cause of poor communication between the two partners. The fact that you pretend to enjoy having sex with him it harms both the male and the female and the worst is that he will never try more if he sees that what he does is enough to make you come. You both have to lose from this situation so I say this to all women out there, stop faking it!


  1. Be confident and speak your mind



Ask for the things you want. Be honest with your partner concerning the things you like and dislike. Being sincere and having a positive attitude about sex helps you both enjoy sexual pleasures like never before. If you like to have your hair pulled, or to be grabbed by the tights, or any other fantasies you may have your partner will be more than happy to do these for you. You’re only job is to let him know.


  1. Turn up the volume


Don’t reduce to silence those sexy groans! It seems like making sexy sounds goes hand in hand with the best sex ever. Hence, turning up your volume can only guarantee maximum pleasure. The fact that you express your sensations makes your partner feel confident about himself and his performance of course. Making noises may heat up the air and that is something every man wants.


  1. New ingredients, better snacks


Try as much as you can to bring something new in the relationship. If sex shop accessories are not your type and inhibit you more than stimulate you, than you have other options. Go to the lingerie store and buy something sexy or perhaps suggest a new position to your partner.


  1. Appetite comes with eating


The more you engage in sexual activities with your partner the more you will love it. Sex is not just something physical but it brings you closer emotionally to your partner, you learn more about each other and this can only help your relationship. Sexual appetite is a great thing as long as it doesn’t become a stressful or tedious activity.


  1. Create an atmosphere


Sometimes when we are young and reckless spontaneous sex is the most exciting, but after years of relationship partners have to put in some effort. Creating the right atmosphere is one important detail you should consider when you decide to have a memorable night with your partner. How about some candles, curtains pulled on, champagne, and of course a long playlist of your favorite songs.


  1. Role play


Some men like to play dirty and role plays does exactly that. Ask your partner what attitude and costume he prefers and give it to him. This type of activity is usually disregarded by couples but it has always proven to make wonders. A school girl in uniform, a teacher with a stern look on her face or any other crazy idea, are the perfect outfits to start heat up every boring night you may have.

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