Sarah and Tyler

I think of myself as a lady with certain expectations that somehow make it difficult to find a man to please me. I joined Flirtoid with the sole purpose of searching and finding someone willing to adapt or who already is as demanding as I am. Here I have found Tyler, a perfectly groomed gentleman who knows how to treat a woman in order to make her feel like the queen. I might consider myself lucky because he is the most attentive man I have ever dated and lives in London as I do. We created a bond from our first conversations and during our first dates he spoke highly of the rules and guidelines he follows in life and I fell in love with him and his philosophy. If it were not for him, I would have rather remained single than make lots and lots of compromises until I would have lost myself on the way.

I can only wish all the best to all those who join Flirtoid because I for one have found all my dreams came true once I signed up. Thank you Flirtoid.

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