Lisa and Tom

When it comes to women I am as shy as a girl at puberty. All the women I dated over the years were from my social circle or connected to it somehow, and after my 5-year-long relationship ended I realised it would be hard to connect to a woman again because I had forgotten all about how to impress a woman at a first date. I thought online dating websites might come in handy, so I joined Flirtoid. Women kept on writing to me but no one appealed to me until I saw Lisa’s profile and I thought she could be a good match. It is funny, she turned out to be shy as well, so the “getting to know” process took a week before finally getting the courage to ask her out. We went to a crowded restaurant so it won’t get awkward if we paused between topics. Instead, it all turned out just fine, we couldn’t stop talking and laughing. It has been two months since I met Lisa and fell in love with her and I’m not afraid to say it out loud. She means the world to me and I’m not going to let her go!

Thank you Flirtoid for gathering such wonderful people and making love happen!

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