LeAnn and John

After a few unsuccessful relationships and breakups, I figured it was high time to let all my prejudices aside and take up on friends’ advice to look for someone online. I had heard about Flirtoid a few times, so that is where I signed up. I have soon found that it is easier to search for a man closer to your own personality online, for I have found John, a man my age who shares my interests, likes and dislikes. Our conversations were full of wisdom and passion, as was our first date. He made quite the impression by being such a gentleman with all the required manners. Respect and dedication are essential to us both. I haven’t talked to another man since, John is the perfect image of all I could have asked for: hopeless romantic, spiritual, open-minded and very talkative. Communication is the key, am I right? However, after a few months in, he proposed and, should I accept it, he guarantees a lifetime full of love, respect and happiness. I have finally found the right man for me.

Thank you Flirtoid for giving us this opportunity!

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